Novel Phenomena Require Novel Data

We are Novel Data Labs. And we mix alternative datasets with more traditional data sources to create unique quantifications of new phenomena.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
American Association of Airport Executives

We Design New Data Sets

We combine behavioral science, sociology and quantitative collection methods with mainstream data science techniques to create novel datasets that illuminate human motivations, track perceptions and validate approaches.

TrustOS: An Operating System to Restore Trust

TrustOS was designed for airports and air travel to navigate the operational procedures to bring travelers back in the air during COVID-19. By quantifying each key journey moment, TrustOS was able to help airports dimensionalize their operations and make truly ROI-driven choices.

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  • Square - Credit Card Processing

    In Progress: An Alternative Dataset to Understand Post-COVID-19 Consumer Trends

  • Computer and Mobile Technology

    In Progress: A Set of Indices to Understand Trust Building in Communications and Media

  • Cannabis Regulations

    In Progress: An Alternative Dataset for Emerging Consumer Trends in Cannabis

Novel Data Sets to Empower Decision Making

We design methods and toolsets that turn ‘not knowing’ into a wealth of data aimed at helping business leaders make more informed business decisions.

ML-ready data sets

Statistically Significant

Bespoke methods

Distributed Data Collection

Consumer Buy Signals

Custom index creation

Syndication & Licensing

Longitudinal Studies

Get in touch

If you have a novel problem and need help generating the data to drive more informed decision making, we’d like to talk to you. Fill out the contact form here are just email us directly at


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